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raceBOARD files

raceBOARD application

Last version v1.2

Changelog 1.2:
- added support for GameStockCar
- added support for F1 2011
- added support for KartRacingPro
- fixed bugs

Changelog 1.1:
- added support for Shift 2 (for DVD version with patch installed)
- added support for Dirt2 and Dirt3
- added support for F1 2010
- displaying additional information: position, gap, advantage, laps, remaining, fuel, engine temperature
- fixed support for Race07/On
- fuel and temperature units
- automatic use Gear display option for every additional information
- controller input (or keyboard shortcut) for switch between two defined brightness levels
- new iRacing API support
- new rFactor plugin
- fixed detected errors

Changelog 1.0:
- first release

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